Moving To Ottawa - Karen MacDonald RE/MAX Affiliates

If opportunity knocks will you answer? Karen MacDonald from the Hamre Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa.

I just helped a retired couple relocate to Ottawa to be close to their daughter. They were not sure they wanted to make the move from their family home in Brockville where they lived and raised their kids for the last 30 years.

Their daughter certainly wanted them closer - so they made a deal - If a unit comes up in a certain condo building they would consider it. Well it did, opportunity came knocking and that is where I came in.

We jumped on it, we went to see it .

They loved it, their daughter loved it. Communication was key with both the parents and the daughter. They all really wanted this home.

We were able to put an offer in and we were able to put a condition for status, which is very important when purchasing a condo.

The listing agent already had the status so it just took an hour for our lawyer to review it and everything was a go. We secured them a beautiful unit.

In the meantime in Brockville their house was being staged, they were a little nervous but they had a great agent out there and their home sold in 1 day!!

All the pieces came together beautifully and they were ready, they were ready to jump on the opportunity.

We are always ready to get you the home that you want and we will get you the home that you want!!!! Call me at 613-978-1636

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