Moving To Ottawa and Back To Calgary - Bittersweet Moment

I just experienced such a bittersweet and full circle moment saying see you later to my clients who bought with me in 2020 sold with me in 2024 and are moving back home to Calgary.

I'm Chelsea Hamre with the Hamre Team at RE/MAX Affiliates here in Ottawa.

And it's such a bit interesting moment for me and for them too, I'm sure because during their time here in Ottawa, they became first-time home buyers, first-time home sellers and in between this time, they got married, they had their first child and experienced so many different milestones within these past few years.

And it's been incredible to follow their journey and I know I'll see them again some day.

But definitely an emotional goodbye.

You know, I got to be a part of their life and as a realtor, it's what it's all about is being there for my clients, being a part of their life and their memories and their milestones and getting to see that.

And I see that from working with my dad, how he has clients that he spent 20 years with and now like their kids are all grown up and selling their parents' house and all these things.

So if we can help with your house journey, we would love to, it would be our absolute pleasure to be a part of your milestones.

Send me a dm or visit and we'll talk to you soon.

Take care.

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