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after 30 years✨, my clients are moving from Barrhaven, which is in the South End, Ottawa ➡️ to Kingston for a lifestyle change.✨

I'm Chelsea Hamre from the Hamre Team at RE/MAX Affiliates here in Ottawa.📍

After living in this home for over 30 years, being original homeowners🔑, and raising their children there, they're moving to➡️ Kingston to be closer to family and more importantly, their grandchildren.🤱

🙌Which they're so excited about.

We were able to put all the puzzle 🧩 pieces together. We were able to come up with a great negotiation🤝, and they're so thankful for what we were able to do.

💞I just received a text from my client Erika, that it's really heartwarming and this is a great measurement for my career and what we do every day.

And this is the why. This is why I'm passionate about Real Estate. This is why I am passionate about inspiring dreams💭 of our clients. This is why I do what I do and why do it so well. Just reading a part of it. 💬

"Words cannot express how happy😄 we are that you work so hard to sell our 🏡 home for us. We are so blessed🕊. We have you as our agent, and we could not have asked for better. Thank you, a million times over for everything you've done." A little heart emoji.❤️

It just really warms my heart and it was a wonderful experience being able to work with them and being able to help somebody move to their next chapter of their life.📖

👉If I can do the same for you, it would be my absolute pleasure. I would love the opportunity to connect and discuss what's best for you. The best timeline is for you.

These people were in the same home for 30 years and so whether you know you're looking👁 to make a move after a short time or a longer time when the right time is for you, I'll be here to help and I look forward to doing so.👊✔️

Again, my name is Chelsea Hamre from the Hamre Team at RE/MAX Affiliates here in Ottawa. Our website🔗 - 📲 Connect with me directly here. 🔴🔵⚪

Take care, and I look forward to helping you soon 🤶

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