Most Important Things To Look At When Viewing A Home

When you have 30 minutes or less to view a property, where do you even begin? 🏠

So we're gonna go through your specific priority list on that first viewing. 🔍

One of the key indicators I find with most of my clients is location, location, location, location. 📍

So we're gonna drive the neighbourhood, check it out. 🚗

Not too long ago, I had a client who loved the house in a certain neighbourhood and it really is specific to you. 🏘️

It should be in your triangle of whatever is in your triangle, like work, play, grocery stores, whatever it is, and you should be in the center there. 🛒

And it seemed to match up, but you have to drive around a couple of times and these guys did, they went, they drove during the day, it was in the summer, and they drove at night around the neighbourhood and they had a young family. 👨‍👩‍👦

Now there were no kids around. 🚸

So there were no kids on the street, there were no kids at the park. 🏞️

So right away, even though they love the house location wasn't working for them. ❌

So we moved on. ⏩

If the foyer is not on your list, it should be because this is where you get your first feel of the home. 🚪

And 80% of the buying decision is often made right here. 💡

Next up, nine times out of 10 is gonna be the kitchen. 🍽️

Make sure the bathrooms are on your list. 🛁

Is the basement space important to you or the ceiling heights important in the basement? 🏡

Do you need a recreation room? 🎱

We're also gonna check out the storage area, the utility room in the basement, take a look at the furnace, and the electrical box. 🔌

Is it old? Is it new? 🛠️

And if this is one of the homes you like, we'll obviously delve in deeper into that as we move along. 📝

Just a few other things we're gonna be looking at during that initial viewing would be such things such as the hardwood, the hardwood in great shape. 🌳

What about the appliances? 🧺

How did the appliances look, the baseboards? 🛋️

These are things that you might not think to look at, but you're gonna want to take a peek at those baseboards. 👀

Is yard space important to you and how well it's kept up? 🌳

And we can't forget the garage and the parking situation. 🚗

How many cars do you have? 🚙

Will they fit in the laneway? Will they fit in the garage? 🅿️

Now, these are just a few of the things on that first showing that we're gonna take a look at. 🔍

And of course, if it is a home that you like, we'll be back and I'm gonna go back to where we first started back to the location. 🔄

Check out the neighbors, take a peek on the street. 👀

Check out the neighbours, take a peek on the street, Karen MacDonald from the Hamre Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa.

If you're looking to buy or sell, reach out. 📲

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