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This just happened! We're in Ottawa, in a suburban neighbourhood on the east end called Orleans. This family☎️ called us in to sell their family estate home. It's a home that their kids were raised in and they had lots of family memories and ❤️ great days and all the children grew up here. The family, the parents of the home are now selling. And I got to deal with their children, who are grown up now. They're not in Ottawa, actually, I got the deal with them, across Canada and in the US. It was really interesting because we did a lot of it with  Zoom and there was interaction with all the family members. There were some concerns that we didn't want the house on the market very long. So we worked with that strategy and with certain price points that we get lots of  eyeballs and make it sale that moved relatively quickly for them. But a price point that actually exceeded everyone's expectations. It was a strategic price point to get eyeballs, but it was a new price point on the street and a new price point for that model. We sold the house in relatively three and a half days at a price point again, that EXCEEDED the seller's expectations. The buyers were also very happy, it was one of those perfect storms. There's very little on the market. This house was clean in great shape and has been well taken care of. I called them to say that, "we had an offer, the offer, they were looking for," it was a clean offer. The family was just ecstatic and it was great to be part of that transaction.  It's a new price on the street, a new price for that model. ➡️But it's also quite attractive price point for this community. ⏰And right now for a four-bedroom home in the Orleans neighbourhood, there are ONLY FIVE homes listed under a million dollars.  Those would be four bedrooms with double car garages. There are five under a million, of the five there is only ONE that's under 900,000. So quite a great time to be on the market. If you do have a four-bedroom like this family, they didn't know how much equity they actually had in her home. This was until they met me and they were quite surprised at our suggested selling price and then how we executed it. ✅We went in with stagers ✅We had a professional photographer come in and really take some great photo shots. They were thrilled by them. And then we did our storytelling video that really told the story of the home and that, that video received over a couple of hundred views within the first 48 hours. So everything happened quickly. They went away for the weekend to Montebello and we did everything while they were gone. And then Sunday night we did the offer presentation.  I just came by to put this sold sign up and say, thank you. It was a great day, a great, great activity. We're thrilled for these sellers! If you know of anybody that is thinking is selling, or if you want an evaluation on your home, so you can see what kind of equity you might have in it.... ☎️Please reach out to me. My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and The Hamre Real Estate Team. We hope to see you soon. Take care.

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