Luxury Condo Market Explodes

......I was ?% accurate on what would happen......
OTTAWA's ✨luxury and condo market would explode post-Covid...And we are seeing that happen right now......
The 55+ Buyers are out in force............
? 55 plus population that didn't do anything over the last 15 to 18 months that were very disciplined during COVID.
They are now out shopping, ? Downtown Ottawa, looking for excitement, looking for the lifestyle they want to live.
?I talked to a lot of them. ✈️They've already booked multiple trips for winter.
?You can't get low long-term rentals in Florida this year.
If you're looking at buying, you're competing against ?the world, that's trying to arrive in Florida for the holidays.☀️
?So they're booking short-term trips around the world, but when they leave Ottawa in the winter, they want to enjoy their, their vacations.
?They don't want to worry about a home that has a sump pump or lawn or snow to cut. They want to lock the door and leave and go away.
?And the Ottawa market is really a vacation when you're home.
There's so much to do and see downtown it's alive. It's exciting. ?
?We have great recreation, food, multiple options for bike paths, and walking theater and shopping.
?Lansdowne was reopened with the football season.
?They want to be able to. Stay in and enjoy when they are at home though, the gyms, the luxury of, of the ? skyline in Ottawa.
?And they want to really live life to the fullest.
?We're seeing that the luxury market in Ottawa is hot and it's the 55 plus crowd that's really jumping in right now.
I was talking to my broker last week. ?And it was the busiest seven days in the last 15 months, the busiest seven days in the last 15 months, that was the Ottawa real estate market in the last SEVEN days.
? It's the late June, middle of June. And it's not normal for the market to be exploding at this time of year.
People are out and they want to make a change.
?They want to make a lifestyle change or a scenery change, and they're ready. They've had lots of time to digest it. ? So they're out shopping.
They're out making plans. ?
✨We're showing luxury units every day and I've got a full day today, but it's exciting if you're.
?If you're thinking of moving you're kind of eyeing it up.
☎️We want to talk to you now because we want to be prepared when that beautiful, perfect dream home comes on the market.
We want to be able to jump on it. And that means that you're the host. We've got a plan to be ready, and we put something together, but it's, it's an exciting time.
The real estate market is just about to ? explode post-COVID. I told her, so I called it and I've got the feel for it.
?When you sell a house every day and a half, and you ? negotiate every night.
? You get to know what's going on in the city of downtown right now, just dropping a deposit checkoff for clients.
?They bought a luxury property down here, along the Canal. So thrilled for them. I'll fill you in on that later.?
?We're preparing to sell their house. Now they're downsizing.
They are so excited. The lifestyle they're just about to kick into.
They can't wait. It's going to be 60 days until they close. ?
?And it's going to be a long 60 days because they want to be there NOW
I want to find that excitement for you, and we can do that.?
If you're thinking of moving or selling and moving around the Ottawa area, we want to talk to you now.
?Please reach out to me. My direct number for phone and text is (613) 277-7712.
?We'll see around Ottawa today, I'm shopping with clients and we're listing some beautiful listings this afternoon.
All the best. Thanks for watching my video. I do appreciate it.❤️
This is Greg Hamre From The Hamre Real Estate Team. And I hope we see you soon.?

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