Looking For An Investment Property?

Looking for an investment property? Yes please!!!  
Buying rental property or properties is one of the best ways to begin accumulating long-term wealth. 
 A solid rental property can bring in monthly cash flow as well as serve as the beginnings of your retirement plan.
This is coffee talk with Karen!!
Karen MacDonald here from the Hamre Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa
The key to finding to your investment is the right property. Not every quality property will make a good investment, you need to find the right mix.  
Start off on the right foot with these suggestions to achieve success, and make purchasing your first rental property your best investment choice ever
Make sure you do your homework and have a plan in place. Investments are all about the numbers, you need to first speak with your lender and find out all your financing options and your anticipated monthly payments.  
It is critical you chose the right location.  Proximity to transit, malls, grocery, schools, restaurants all will  contribute to demand and value so learn about the location before you buy.
You are going to need to hire a realtor - every dollar spent is a decrease in your monthly cash flow - we will sit down with you and crunch the numbers, gross Rent multiplier (GRM), Cap rates we will find the property that will give you best return on your investment.
Remember good tenants are the backbone to any rental property, you have to find the right fit. 
Lets make your first rental property your best investment decision ever.

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