Lights, Camera, Ottawa

Lights, Camera, Ottawa!

That’s right this holiday season there will be several new movies airing that feature filming in our very own city. I’ll tell you where to watch them, where they were filmed, and why Ottawa is a great place for filming. 

Christmas Unwrapped

This was filmed at Patterson’s Creek Park, Strathcona Park, Mayfair Theatre, Howard’s Fine Jewellers on Sparks Street, Bramasole Diner on Bank Street and the Infinity Convention Centre. You can check out this movie December 4th at 8 p.m. on CTV Drama. 

Unlocking Christmas 

This film was shot in Almonte just outside of Ottawa. You c=may recognize some of the scenes which take place in the Superior Restaurant or the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum. You can catch this film December 17 at 8 p.m. on CTV Drama. 

The Christmas Setup

This film was shot in the Glebe. The glebe is a great part of town with tons of restaurants, local shops, and beautiful scenery. This made for the perfect location to shoot a holiday film. The Christmas Set Up will air December 18 at 8 p.m. on CTV Drama. 

Why Film in Ottawa?

Ottawa is a great city that features diverse scenery. Certain parts of the city for example are used to film movies which take place in New York. The Lord Elgin and Confederation Park have a very Central Park feel to them that Directors can use. 

The other major attraction is the snow. Directors would always rather have real snow for holiday films and Ottawa has a lot of it. They will come here to film their outside shots in January and February when there is plenty of great snow to go around. 

Keep an Eye Out!

There have been countless other Television and Film projects shot in Ottawa. So keep an eye out you never know when Ottawa might pop up on the screen! Ottawa is known in the industry as an awesome location for winter and Christmas films. Between the snowy winters and amazing scenery, there are so many great opportunities for movie moments. You can live your life like a movie in Ottawa. 

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