Learning From the Best at Inman Las Vegas

Everybody wants to know what's gonna happen in the future. Even I do!

That's why I'm at Inman in Las Vegas.

This is where all the competition come. The CEOs, the real leaders in the business, the new tech companies, the new innovation, REALTOR®, disruptors. 

This is where it all happens.

There's no better time, no better place to be, to grab the excitement of what's coming in the future real estate. 

And trust me, buyers and sellers all wanna. But as a realtor, I need to be on the cutting edge. 

My team needs to be on the cutting edge. We need to know the first step, the next step to be ahead of our ahead of the media and ahead of our other competition. This is the place.

There's not a better time to be in the real estate business or to start in the real estate business than right now. 

The business is changing. We've just had a major correction. 

An adjustment happened in the marketplace in 2022. And it didn't just happen in our city or our town. It happened across Canada and the U.S.

We're really getting a vibe. How long do you think this will happen?

What's the next move? Is it already starting to improve? and how are we adjusting to it?

This is where it happens. It's called Inman. And it's where again, where the elite and real estate leaders come to meet.

I can't be more excited to be here.

I'm meeting some great people across the U.S and Canada and really networking on here's what's working. Here's what's not, here's what we need to do. Here's where we are. 

It's a real fun time and exciting time to be in real estate. I can't be more excited. 

My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and the Hamre Real Estate Team here at Inman in Vegas. Making it happen.

Take care.

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