JUST SOLD in OTTAWA - Ever Changing Real Estate Market

⚡I put the sold sign up on this house three times.⚡

👉Last time was for Allison!

😀And Allison has lived in this home for over 🗓 20 years.

👀When Allison reached out to me this summer, we started to put a kind of 🗓 calendar and a plan together of when we put this house on the market, what would be the best time understanding that we wanted a closing date that was in the summer of 2023.☀️

😎When you put a plan together, 🖋you're trying to design it so that you grab buyers ❤️ emotions and before you can get emotions, you have to make sure you get 🌎 exposure.

That's just what we did.✅

🖥We had mass exposure, 👀 massive eyeballs on it, and a high number of people through the 🚪 front door in a short period of time.

And we had multiple offers.🔑🗝🔑

⏰ We sold this house in less than a week.

💎Very, very close to the asking price and higher than the one up the street just sold for.

I was thrilled and I'm thrilled for Allison.😃

😎If you're looking for someone who can take the lead on your listing and get your household, ☎️ I want to talk to you.

🙋‍♂️My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates Realty

I hope to hear from you soon.👂

❤️Take care

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