It's Not Always Easy - Karen MacDonald

?Sometimes the stars align in Real Estate and sometimes it's a bit more challenging and you need a good agent to guide you through it.
?My name is Karen from the Hamre Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa.
?I had a couple of different situations this week.
?I had a really happy seller on Gossamer, they already bought in Blackburn and we put their home up for sale and it sold in a few days and they are thrilled ?.
It was bought by a Toronto agent and his clients and they never saw the property but with our storytelling? video ?and photos?, they were content and are anxious to move to Ottawa.
?Another client coming from London, a referral, a relocation.✈ She is a dentist and she will be opening her practice.
☎She called me on Monday and she has firmed up on her home today. She is really looking forward to moving to Ottawa into her beautiful new home?. The listing agent was fabulous to deal with as well.??
?Also working with another buyer, there is a bit of fear and that is ok, that is what we are here for, we are here to help you through that?. We have offered on a few and pulled out.
?Something was off, something wasn't sitting right, so we moved on. There will be a video soon because I will find him his dream home.?
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