Is This The Time To Be Porting Your Mortgage

Is this a good time of year to talk about PORTING YOUR MORTGAGE? 
Would you like to be in a new home before the holidays? 
My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and the Hamre Real Estate Team. 
❤️ We've just moved three families this week that will be home for the holidays in a new home of their choice.
⏰We still have lots of time. 
➡️ There are 60 days to get your home prepared, SOLD, and purchase a new home all before the holidays. 
We can do that. ✅
Our commitment
Our dedication.
And our knowledge can make this happen for you. 
Porting your mortgage is easy. You may want to port your ⬆️ mortgage up or ⬇️ port your mortgage down depending on your current situation.
If you've been in their home for less than 24 months, you built a lot of equity in your home. 
We can take that equity and move it onto the next home of your choice. 
The next step, the next dream home. 
If you've been in your home for more than 24 months, you have lots of, lots of equity built up and we can, we can also use that equity to purchase an income property.
Fall is a great time to buy a home.
Low low congestion of buyers. 
☀️You could see all the decks, patios, and landscaping. ❄️ No snow in the forecast and interest rates that are incredibly low. 
My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates and the Hamre Real Estate Team.  
 If we can inspire your dreams for the holidays, please reach out to us. ☎️
 We hope to see you soon. All the best take care.❤️

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