Is It Time For A Lifestyle Change?

Seasons are changing, times are changing. How are you adapting to all this?

My name is Karen MacDonald from the Hamre Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and you know, nobody thought in a million years we would be where we are today.

How everything is changing. Our lifestyles are changing. We all have to adapt to this new normal!

❓How are you doing that? What does that mean for you? Do you want to get that home with the extra den , the finished basement, the extra space for work, for your kids and their schoolwork, That pool in the backyard, the resort style living, because there probably won't be many vacations south anytime soon.

Maybe that means buying that investment property that you have been thinking about but haven't made the move, now could be the time.⌚

Or even downsizing and getting that cottage property⛺ . Could that be an option?

There are so many options out there. If you would like to talk about real estate or you just want to throw some ideas around, give me a call at 613-841-2111 or you can DM me.

 I look forward to hearing from you and have yourself a fantastic week. Hamre Real Estate | 613-841-2111

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