Inman Connect 2024 - Chelsea Hamre

Chelsea Hamre took the stage live in New York City last week at Inman Connect. Inman Connect is a global real estate conference for the industry's elite top-producing performers. Real estate professionals gathered from across North America and beyond to convene in New York City for this exciting event with an emphasis on learning and improving skills. Chelsea Hamre was a key panelist alongside New Jersey REALTOR® DJ Ten Hoeve from Keller Williams, and New York City REALTOR® Julia Boland from Corcoran.  The dynamic and insightful discussion from this panel was a highlight from Day 1 of the conference. Their discussion was all about adding value for clients, taking the bar and raising it. How can real estate professionals raise the level of service and benefit their clients? This article will give you the key takeaways from the event and provide insight into the way that the elite real estate agents are increasing their level of service for clients. 

1. Take Open Houses To The Next Level - Personal Attention To Detail

Chelsea Hamre emphasized the impact of personalized gift bags at open houses. This is something we do for our open houses to help make a positive experience for potential buyers. Often baking cookies in the home to give that warm and cozy scent and vibe. The gift bags are definitely something that people do not expect at an open house and create a positive impact and association with the home. The Hamre Team also prints and delivers invitations to the open house, inviting the neighbours to stop by. This adds to the atmosphere and creates more positive exposure for the home we are selling. This is one way that the Hamre Team has been able to raise the bar for our clients.

2. Provide Detailed Market Insights

DJ Ten Hoeve highlighted the importance of offering in-depth market data to clients. This is something that the Hamre Real Estate Team prides itself on. We make sure to provide up-to-date market statistics for our clients so that they can make the best-informed decisions for themselves. Having a true consultation with the client and telling them what they actually need to hear rather than sugarcoating things or telling them what they want to hear. 

3. Create Video Content 

Boland shared her success in using video content, particularly on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Creating video content can benefit clients in a number of ways. the Hamre Team has been using video content to garner exposure for listings for over a decade. We create unique storytelling videos that explain not just the home but the feeling of driving up to the home and the true story of the home. We also create various videos that educate people on the real estate market. These videos help get our clients ready to purchase or sell and can be a great way to keep clients informed. This is one aspect of going above and beyond to make sure our clients are well taken care of with concierge service. Watch some of our video content below. 

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4. Social Media

Each of the panelists emphasized using social media not just for building a following but for educating and engaging your existing audience. Clients should be looking at their agent's social media and seeing not just homes for sale or accomplishments from the agents but also education. Social media is important and creative, informative posts are the way to stand out and help clients. 

5. Create A Memorable Experience

Offering a concierge experience and unreasonable hospitality is the way to make the experience truly memorable. Focusing on this will make clients feel respected, valued, and surpass their expectations. Examples of this would include following up after a transaction has closed and being there as a go-to source for help and information long after a client has moved in. The Hamre Team focuses on building a relationship with you and going the extra mile to make sure you have a wonderful experience. 

6. Incorporate Innovative Client Services

We have always looked for cutting-edge ways to help our clients. Whether it be in marketing or home search techniques and beyond. One example would be our ability to leverage technology to improve the appearance of homes. We will often virtually replace dreary weather in the front photos of homes to show a property in its best light no matter the weather on the day of a photoshoot. These unique client services can make our listings stand out and greatly benefit our clients. 

7. Be Authentic

Authenticity was a key component talked about on the panel at Inman Connect. Producing authentic content to reach out to people who will want to work with you. Being authentic allows the Hamre Team to build authentic relationships with the people we encounter. Being straight up, honest, and giving the right advice. 

8. Client Reviews Are The True Measurement

Gathering authentic reviews are the true measurement of success. The Hamre Team collects reviews on Rank My Agent and Google. These client success stories are the true measurement of a job well done. 

Chelsea said during the panel: “What would happen if you went to a restaurant and your waiter didn’t come back to ask you how your food was? It wouldn’t be a good experience.” “So put that into your client’s perspective as well. How would they feel if they never heard from you afterward?” she said. Asking for reviews is a way that we as REALTORS® can check in and make sure that we are doing the best possible job. 

9. Deliver On Promises

Make bold promises and deliver even bolder results. Tell clients exactly what you are going to do for them and then follow through and get the job done beyond expectations. This is how the Hamre Team has built our reputation over the years. 

Ten Hoeve stressed the importance of fulfilling promises and building a strong reputation in the industry. This reliability can lead to greater client trust. 

10. Take The Lead On Technology

AI is not just a fad in real estate. It is here to stay and will grow in use over time. However real estate agents must continue to offer irreplaceable human interaction and advisory services. Person-to-person interaction will always be an integral part of real estate. We felt this during COVID when it was difficult to see people, that human connection was sorely missed. The Hamre Team will continue to use new tech to our benefit while offering the hands-on personal care that AI cannot provide. 

Looking Forward...

Inman Connect 2024 in New York City was an incredible event with record attendance and many unique learning opportunities. It was electric to see Chelsea Hamre take the stage and represent not just our team but RE/MAX, Ottawa, and Canada as well. We are glad to have her back in Ottawa along with Greg Hamre who was able to attend the event. 

We will be unpacking our new info this week and using it to better our team and clients going forward. Convening with some of the most celebrated and successful minds in real estate was a rare privilege and we look forward to the next opportunity to learn and grow at Inman and other major conferences. 

Credit to Jessi Healey and Inman News as the source and basis for this article. 

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