Important Small Details When Selling Your Home

We've all heard the saying.

Don't sweat the small stuff.

Great saying.

But in the world of real estate, the small stuff matters with 93% of buyers beginning their search online, those intricate details that you as a seller don't think about.

We think about those things for you. Professional photography that can make or break your listing along with video.

And if you don't have somebody who's getting your photos taken with a professional photographer and getting video out there, you need to find yourself a new realtor who could be the make or break of a buyer wanting to view your home.

I've had countless of buyers who've looked at listings and were like ax them out because the home looked cluttered or it just didn't show well and it doesn't stop there.

So on the day of photos, your realtor needs to be there running around, taking off the fridge magnets, opening blinds, moving the garbage, taking off the tea towels, and fixing the towels.

There are so many little details that need to be done while the photos are being taken, they can all be moved back.

But while the photos are being taken, your realtor is running around and helping the photographer make sure that your home shines.

These minor things are so important and they make a world of difference in who you work with matters.

Karen MacDonald from the Hamre Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa.

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