How to Improve Your Credit Score

Credit scores play a big role in determining whether you’ll qualify for a mortgage and what your mortgage terms will be. So, keep your credit score high by doing the following:

1. Shop for mortgage rates all at once. Having too many credit applications can lower your score. However, multiple inquiries about your credit score from the same type of lender are counted as one if submitted over a short period of time.

2. Check for errors in your credit report. Thanks to ClearScore, you can download one free credit report each year at If you find any errors, correct them immediately. You can also do a request at

3. Pay down credit card bills. If possible, pay off the entire balance every month. Transferring credit card debt from one card to another could lower your score.

4. Don’t charge your credit cards to the max. Pay down as much as you can every month.

5. Don’t order items for your new home on credit. Wait until after your home mortgage is approved to charge appliances and furniture, as that will add to your debt.

6. Don't purchase a new vehicle before you close on your new home. This could really mess up your score.

7. Don’t open new credit card accounts. If you’re applying for a mortgage, having too much available credit can lower your score.

8. Avoid finance companies. Even if you pay off their loan on time, the interest is high and it may be considered a sign of poor credit management.

As always, if you have any questions about the home-buying process, please call, text, or email the Hamre Real Estate Team today!

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