House Hunting Trip With Chelsea Hamre

?Who do you call when you have five days for a house-hunting trip here in Ottawa...
The WINNING Hamre Real Estate Team!?
?I'm Chelsea Hamre from the Hamre Team at RE/MAX Affiliates
Last night was an amazing win for my clients relocating from BC?
?We had five days together... the first three days were very intense looking at over 20 homes together ultimately we found the one they loved.
Of course, this one was holding offers till yesterday! ?
?So the rest of the days we made sure that we got to show them the neighborhoods. I took them to a few of my favorite places in the city, including Chocolat Favorits.
We really got to make sure that this one was the one and we also had some Plan B's in mind, but ultimately this one was the best.?
?The quality of the build, the home is on a ravine, the lot is absolutely beautiful and it compared to the other homes that we saw it was superb.
♟It really wasn't an option to lose this one for them as a relocating here from BC, and we made it happen!
If we can help you relocate here to Ottawa, or if you're looking to make a move here to Ottawa, it would be our pleasure to help?
?Please reach out - We have the tricks, the strategies, and the know-how to get you in this market, whether you're winning and multiple offers like we did last night against three other offers, or you're looking to negotiate on a property.
We can make it happen?
?Thank you for watching. Have a wonderful day.

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