House Hunting Trip During A Storm - Chelsea Hamre - RE/MAX Affiliates Ottawa

⚡⛈What a weekend here in Ottawa, lots of different challenges and surprises. 

I had clients relocating from Winnipeg to Ottawa here this weekend. 

Despite the power outages, I was still able to find them a wonderful home here in Ottawa and a big thanks was to my flashlight.

I'm Chelsea Hamre from the Hamre Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa.

To pre-phase this video, if you still don't have power need water, food, charger, portable charger, let me know and I will certainly get that to you. 

Inspiring Dream is what we do and if I need to go through hoops to make it happen, I will.

My clients got here right before the storm on Saturday and they were actually driving to their hotel  through the storm.⛈

We had a full day booked for Sunday. Instead of canceling or, you know, saying 'oh, well there's no power, we can't see the home.

You can still see the home! We just have to make it work. I had them in my car, I picked them up.✔️

We got to see different neighbourhoods throughout the city  8/10 homes that we saw, didn't have power.

My flashlight definitely came in handy and the best one we saw, we went to see back again on Monday. 

The home still didn't have power, but we were able to see it in the sunlight and make sure that they're happy and excited to move here to Ottawa and we were able to make that happen for them.

Despite the challenges, Inspiring Dreams is what we do.

And if I can help you relocate to Ottawa within Ottawa, or if you're looking to move outside of Ottawa, I'd be sad to see you go.

But, I'm connected to excellent RE/MAX agents. I can refer to all of them within the country and North America.

 I hope everyone is staying safe. Have a wonderful day. Definitely, if you want to relocate to or from Ottawa, let me know, visit our website. or send me a message directly here. Take care.❤️

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