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This just happened at 101 Richmond Road in Ottawa's Westboro community. 
☀️We had a listing here it's, uh, it was a two-bedroom condo on the penthouse floor. It was absolutely stunning, it was originally a model and it showed like a model. 
The best part was we had it on the market for six days.
We had 23 showings, 23 showings in six days. Lots of virtual action on it. 
A lot of people watching our storytelling video getting almost like a live stream. Thousands of people watched their video thousands. Thousands of hits on the website on this listing. It ended up selling for substantially over the asking price.
We had three really good offers on it. Unfortunately, only one buyer can win and they did.
 They're thrilled. The unique part about this condominium? Not only was did it look like a model home and present like a model home? We sold it with the furniture and that's becoming very common during COVID.
The buyer can't obtain furniture. There's a long waiting list at furniture stores and electronic stores for TVs and, and such. 
So this was very convenient for the buyers. They bought it fully furnished. The sellers just have to pack up their personal items and move. So it's easy for the sellers.
It was very convenient, for everybody involved. And again, sold substantially over the asking price, 23 showings on a condominium on Richmond Road in the Westboro neighbourhood, which is, which is a really sought-after community. 
You see this building has retail on the main level, lots of hip eateries and restaurants close by.
Walking distance to the Westboro beach and bypass a really sought-after community. 
Again, really, you are happy for the buyers and sellers tonight, sold substantially over the asking price. 
Multiple offers, lots of excitement, and, I'm really really thrilled. 
This was my third sale with my seller on this, who I represented and I appreciate it.
Their trust and commitment and loyalty. 
It's wonderful when past clients believe in you and believes in your abilities and then to come through with a price point that again, exceeded everyone's expectations. 
We're live here in Ottawa, tonight in Westboro, on Richmond Road at 101 Richmond road.
Thrilled for both buyers and sellers. Thanks for watching. Have a safe night.
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