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🏡 Attention Sellers,

🤔 Are you currently contemplating the best strategies for preparing your home before a showing?

👋 Allow me to introduce myself; I am Steve Hamre from the esteemed Hamre Real Estate Team. Recently, I encountered some compelling experiences during property showings that I find pertinent to share with you.

👀 In the initial instance, I presented two properties to a client. The first property was meticulously staged, impeccably clean, and well-maintained, creating the impression of a model home. It left an indelible positive mark. However, the second property unfolded a different narrative. Upon arrival, the occupants were still present. Though they graciously invited us in, the showing became somewhat awkward. Activities like dishwashing, someone sleeping in a room, and even someone emerging from the bathroom during our viewing of the primary bedroom added an unexpected layer.

🔄 Transitioning to the second client, we eagerly showcased a luxury home in a picturesque neighborhood with a parkside setting. Arriving a bit early for a preliminary assessment before my clients' arrival, I could already hear the TV. Upon announcing my presence, the seller promptly agreed to leave in five minutes. Regrettably, even with their departure, the house wasn't in optimal condition. Disarray was evident throughout, with items out of place and a cluttered kitchen. Moving to the upper level, the bedrooms were untidy, with scattered clothes and unmade beds. Surprisingly, the primary bedroom housed a sleeping individual. We quietly retreated, feeling like intruders, and continued our basement tour, maintaining hushed tones throughout.

🔑 The overarching lesson from these anecdotes holds vital importance for anyone intending to list their property or collaborating with an agent. Open communication with your agent about presenting your property and conduct during showings is paramount. Here are some helpful tips: ensure the property is impeccably clean, beds are neatly made, clothes are neatly stored away, and there are no dirty dishes or cluttered counters. Most importantly, vacating the property during a showing significantly contributes to creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for potential buyers. As agents, our objective is to deliver a pleasant experience for all parties involved, given the profound impact of the first impression.

❓ If you find yourself with queries regarding buying or selling properties in the Ottawa area, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Hamre Real Estate Team. We would be thrilled to engage in a discussion about our marketing plan, ensuring your home receives the appropriate representation for maximum exposure.

👋 Once again, I'm Steve Hamre from the Hamre Real Estate Team. You can find us at "We Know Ottawa." Interestingly, that's our website - Visit We Know Ottawa.com.

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