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❓You never know unless you ask!!! 🛠Let’s talk inspections! ☕It’s coffee time 🔦First off make sure you are getting an inspection. 🏠The whole point of the inspection is to find out all the major systems are working. 👉Now if the inspector finds something and you still want the house we need to do our due diligence and get estimates - remember your inspector is not a contractor so if it’s a plumbing issue we need to ask a plumber. 📒This way we have actual data to bring to the seller so the seller knows you are being sincere and not trying to renegotiate. 🤔You may get what you ask for…or you may get a hard no but at least you have the knowledge about the home and you can make a decision to move forward or walk away 👧If you have any questions Call me, dm me or let’s have coffee

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