Home Improvement Ideas

😀Hey, Steve Hamre here.

👋🏻 I'm currently at 🔨Home Depot, and people always ask me, "What can I do to improve the appearance of my house inside and outside before listing?"

🌸First thing is Curb Appeal, what I do is recommend some mulch.

💡 Another pro tip is to make sure you get some nice light bulbs, make sure they're all the same colour, make sure they're nice and bright.

Get them here at Home Depot right here.☀️

🔥 Next, smoke detectors right here, smoke detectors, make sure they're not yellow, you should change them as soon as you move in.

💨 And the first thing clients are going to look at, if they have a yellow smoke detector, it needs to be changed.

💧 An area you probably never dust is the top of your hot water tank and your furnace.

💫 Make sure that's nice and clean and make sure you change your furnace filter.

🔑 Lots of choices right here at Home Depot.

🖼 Get rid of those dark and bright colours.

🌵 Try and go for some neutral, some neutral colours right here.

⭐ Lots of choices to choose from.

✨ Ask your local painter what paint they like to use.

😀 Don't just go and get the paint, talk to your painter first.

👀 Another great listing tip.

💡 When you're going to list your home is light fixtures.

💡Change your hallway lights.

👉If you got a home from the eighties or nineties, they're probably a little dated.

💡 A light fixture is not that expensive and can really brighten the home.

👍 Make it have a new look.

💡 You can also set the mood in your home with dimmer switches as well as the core switches, make it more modern-looking than the yellow switches that are out there as they get older things turn yellow, sign to show that it needs changing.

🏡 I'm Steve Hamre from the Hamme Real Estate Team, and those are a couple of pro tips for when listing your house or getting your house ready for sale.

🛠️ Just stop by Home Depot.

👷🏻‍♂️ Ask one of the consultants here.

🏠 They're very helpful.

👍🏻 I come here all the time.

👀 You may even see me here.

🌞 Have a great day.

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