Home Goals!

I want you to think back to your goals.

In January 2020, was one of them to buy a home? I'm Chelsea Hamre from the Hamre real estate team at RE/MAX in Ottawa.

If one of your goals this year was to buy a home. It's not too late! especially here in the Ottawa market.

If you haven't started looking already, I definitely want to start talking to you on how we can set you up with a roadmap to get you moved in before Christmas.☃️

If you're thinking of next year, maybe you're thinking, Oh, I want to buy a home in the future. Maybe January, December..thinking about it, but not sure where to start. I want to talk to you now to make sure that we have your roadmap set up. We have a game plan strategy to make sure that you are ready to jump in when you're ready to make that decision.

Ottawa is a wonderful market to invest in. I had a client recently who moved into her home. She bought in April and has already seen a $30,000 increase and what she has bought. Fantastic. And I wanted to do the same for you.

The Hamre Team has strategies to win you those bidding wars and to make sure that you have a good home, you're not overpaying, and that your investment will be great.

☎️If you want to chat more, please give me a call/text at (613) 868-3551 Or visit the team's website www.weknowottawa.com we can set you up with a buyer search and take a meeting. Talk soon ☺️ 

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