Home Buying Process

😀 Welcome back to Hamre Real Estate Insights today, we'll be discussing the home buying process 📶 step by step first and foremost.

It's important to get pre-approved for a mortgage.👀🏦

🤩This will help you determine your budget and give you a better idea of what you can 💰afford.

Next ⏭ Start searching homes within your budget and desired location.

💎Consider working with a REALTOR® who can help you find 🏡listings and schedule ☎️ showings on your behalf.

🔑Once you found a home and you're interested in making an offer. 🎈The Hamre Real Estate Team can help you negotiate the best terms and price for you after your offer is accepted.

🔎It's time to get a home inspection if that was one of your conditions, 🖊this is a crucial step to ensure that the home is in 🔨good condition and identify any potential issue.

🏠It's also a great learning experience for home ownership.

😎Once the inspection is complete and any necessary repairs have been made, 🖋it's time to finalize the mortgage and close on the home.

🔏This includes signing your agreement of purchase and sale 💵 paying your closing costs and finally the 🗝🔑keys to your new home will be yours.

😅While the home buying process can be overwhelming.

Working with the Hamre Real Estate Team at 🎈RE/MAX Affiliates and following these steps can help it make a smooth and successful experience.

🤔If you're thinking of buying, reach out to the Hamre Real Estate Team, visit us at WeknowOttawa.com, that's actually our website, WeknowOttawa.com

I'm Chelsea Hamre from the Hamre Real Estate Team at 🎈RE/MAX Affiliates

🙌Thank you for tuning in.

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