Hidden Treasure Found at an Estate in Ottawa

I just had a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 🌟

I've been in the real estate business for 25 years serving Ottawa, you know, multiple clients, multiple experiences, and I do a lot of estate sales. 🏡

So I'm called in, and somebody's moved on in life, and the family needs to sell the family home. 🏠

And this one was really interesting when I got there. 🧐

They said the family home hadn't been looked after the last few years. 🕰️

It was a little bit dated, but I walked in and I saw the full potential of the home. 🌟

I walked through and I said, no, the bones are really good and it's a great neighbourhood and there are lots of great things about it. 👍

And then they took me to the garage and that once-in-a-lifetime experience happened. 🚗

Underneath the cover in the garage was a 1967 Camaro soft top, 56 years old. 🚙

Hardly ever driven. 🚙

The owner treated it like gold and left it covered and it sat there for years. 💎

It's one of those estates where you walk in and you go, I wonder what's here. 🤔

And I'm never looking for things like that. 🤷

But it was just like I always look at the house, the bones, and then you find this treasure under cover, been there for decades. 🏆

Really neat experience. 😊

I was glad to be involved with it. 🙏

We're just getting the house ready to list. 📝

The car's been taken off to auction. 🚗

And that's kind of a neat story I wanted to share with you in the life of a REALTOR. 📖

My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa. 🏢

And the Hamre Real Estate Team. 👥

Every day is different. 🌄

I hope to see you soon. 👋

Take care. 😊

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