Helping 6 Families in 1 Night

❤️We helped six families inspire their dreams last night in Ottawa...
Six solds, Six people moving on to the next phase of their life and the excitement that has to offer as the sun rises this morning. 
I'm up early, just keeping up with the pace of the Ottawa real estate market and, and the deals.
I'll give you a little description of what happened last night. 
Waterfern was a townhouse in Avalon, beautiful townhouse end-unit went for 650 plus!
Summerlands. Mrs. Hendricks house. It was wonderful. It was a family home. She's moving on to the next phase of her life. I dealt with the family.❤️
It was so delightful to talk with her on the phone last night. We had 25 plus people through that house in the last five days. 
And she's just delighted with the outcome. 
Corsham highest price ever on that street for that model 550 plus in Fallingbrook!
In Beacon Hill we represented the buyer relocation buyer referred to us from another realtor. RE/MAX agent from across Canada referred their buyer to us. 
And we took care of that buyer. And we'll take care of them from here on, in.
 A wonderful story. We actually, negotiated very well on that deal and we're able to put a home inspection in so they know exactly what they're buying!
Scala in Avalon, right across from the hockey rink and the heated change rooms.
Beautiful Urbandale built a townhouse. It's spectacular went for over 600,000. 
Heatherstone, went for over a million.
It's beautiful. It's on a ravine lot in Spring Ridge. It has like the Oasis backyard in it. It's a spectacular and it had a beautiful brick tone.
And the finished basement is immaculate really happy for Cammie and Brett, past clients of mine, who reached out and said, Greg, we really liked this house. How do we make a move? 
They called me and then help was on the way.
⭐ I have a real estate team. My name is Greg Hamre actually, but let me introduce myself from the Hamre Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa.
And if you're thinking of moving, we want to talk to you.☎️
We have all kinds of new listings coming up this week, one every day, and we have more listings coming next week. 
Our dedicated professional stagers are, are booking up into next week. They're phenomenal. The best photographer I know of in Ottawa booking in the next week, we can make this, we can make things happen for you.
If you don't want to stage your house, you just want to sell a turnkey the way it is? We can do that too. ✅
If you want to set new record price points in your neighbourhood and get the most money for it, and the  most visibility more money comes from more showings, more exposure around the world.
And we're doing a lot of virtual sales today, that's because of the outreach of our marketing, high-end marketing, mass exposure. 
Our storytelling video tells a story if you're thinking of making a move. And most of these people, the six families that we helped last night, all relocating within the city, except for the one relocation.
So five of the six, relocating it within the city. 
⭐That's phenomenal. That's not typical. It's usually transit in and out at this time of year, but Ottawa is on the move. 
If you're thinking of moving, locally or out of town, inspiring your dreams to the next level. We want to talk to you now, visit our website.
It's Tuesday morning. We have a full day.
☀️ The sun's coming up. It's glorious here in Ottawa, Springtime weather. It's phenomenal.
 We'd like to show you our city. 
If we have the opportunity again, my name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa.
We hope to see you soon. Take care.❤️

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