Having Etiquette in Real Estate

👔There's an etiquette in real estate to getting the deal done 🖊properly, getting the deal done for your buyers.

🏆So they win and your sellers so they win.

🖋You need to be able to get your offer sold to the listing agent.

🏡And as a listing agent countered to the buyer agent, there's a class to it.

There's a style and there's a profession and it takes years to learn this.💎

✏️It's not taught in brokerages or the real estate colleges were studying this morning etiquette.

So our team continues to be at the cutting edge.🔑

🏆We want each member of our team to be winners to be superstars to lead in the real estate world in Ottawa.

🖋We study our business weekly actually daily this morning, we're having an in-person meeting.

☕I've got McDonald's coffee and Cora for breakfast.

🚗Can't wait till they arrive.

We got lots to talk about.🌙

⚡It's gonna be a really energetic and exciting morning if you're thinking of joining a real estate team and looking for guidance and leadership that will take your business to the next level.

We want to talk to you.☎️

😀My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and the Hamre real estate team, hope to see you soon take care.

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