Hamre Team + The Children's Miracle Network

The Children's Miracle Network is a non-profit organization that raises funds for children's hospitals and medical research. They cover a wide scope and help children's hospitals across North America. The Hamre Real Estate Team is proud to be a major supporter of the Children's Miracle Network. Funds raised for Children's Miracle Network stay in the city or district in which they were collected. In Ottawa, that means supporting CHEO. 

We all know someone who has had to visit CHEO. Whether it be yourself, your child, the child of a friend, or a loved one. This hospital is somewhere nobody wants to visit but we are incredibly lucky to have this in our own city. CHEO has numerous initiatives and research programs that require extra funding to better serve our youth. Raising money for CHEO helps make these important initiatives possible. CHEO stands for Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario. This hospital is not only helping people from Ottawa and the immediate area but much of Eastern Ontario, as far west as Thunder Bay, children are brought to CHEO for help. Children are our future and we are passionate about helping them and our community.

Over the years The Hamre Real Estate Team and RE/MAX Affiliates Realty have been leaders in the Ottawa area for the Children's Miracle Network. We are honoured to have supported various fundraising initiatives that passed through town as well as our own fundraising efforts. These initiatives raise funds and awareness that impact the community in a very real and tangible way. This article will tell you the story of our experiences supporting the Children's Miracle Network and the impact we have seen it make on the community. 

RE/MAX and The Children's Miracle Network

RE/MAX has worked with the Children's Miracle Network for years. It is the cause at the forefront of the company's philanthropic efforts. 

Here are some of the ways RE/MAX as a whole contributes to the Children's Miracle Network:

1. Miracle Home Program: RE/MAX agents participate in the Miracle Home Program by making a donation to the CMN after each closed real estate transaction. This voluntary donation helps support local children's hospitals affiliated with the CMN. The Hamre Team is considered a "Miracle Team" meaning that every single member donates a percentage of their income on every single home sold. Every home that is bought or sold with the Hamre Real Estate Team is a miracle home and supports CHEO. 

2. Agent Fundraising: RE/MAX agents often organize fundraisers and events to raise additional funds for the Children's Miracle Network. These activities can include charity walks, golf tournaments, auctions, and more. RE/MAX Affiliates Realty LTD is at the forefront of these fundraising efforts in Ottawa. Ranked first in Ottawa for yearly contributions, RE/MAX Affiliates always steps up to the plate to support the cause. 

3. Public Awareness: RE/MAX helps raise awareness about the Children's Miracle Network and the work it does to provide medical care to children. This can include advertising campaigns, social media promotion, and community outreach. The Hamre Real Estate Team is proud to support the Children's Miracle Network with public awareness in numerous social media posts. 

4. Sponsorship: RE/MAX often sponsors various CMN events and initiatives. This can involve financial contributions, in-kind donations, or providing volunteers for events such as telethons, radiothons, and local fundraising campaigns. Our own Chelsea Hamre recently participated in a telethon in support of CHEO. More on that topic later in the blog. 

5. Network Support: The RE/MAX network as a whole encourages participation in CMN initiatives and provides resources and support to agents who want to get involved. This includes sharing information, promoting fundraising efforts, and fostering a culture of giving back.

Through these efforts, RE/MAX and its agents help raise funds and provide support to the Children's Miracle Network, which ultimately benefits children in need of medical care at CMN-affiliated hospitals across North America.

Fundraising Efforts in Ottawa Through The Years

Paddle For Miracles

In 2021 RE/MAX Agent Jennifer Evelyn paddled from Toronto to Ottawa on her stand-up paddleboard and was able to raise $126,412 for the Children's Miracle Network. These funds were distributed between Sick Kids in Toronto and CHEO in Ottawa. This journey took incredible perseverance and was made possible by RE/MAX agents along the way. Agents offered Jennifer a place to stay or paddled along with her for parts of the journey. The Hamre Real Estate Team joined her for the last leg of her journey and paddled alongside her on the Rideau Canal to the finish line at Dow's Lake. 

Motorcycle For Miracles 

Bruce Johnson's Motorcycle for Miracles is an inspiring initiative that combines the love for motorcycles with a heartfelt dedication to supporting the Children's Miracle Network (CMN). Bruce's story is an inspiring one that deeply affected us and we were thankful to be able to support him in his journey. As a passionate motorcycle enthusiast and a strong advocate for children's health, Bruce Johnson has undertaken the incredible endeavor of riding his motorcycle across vast distances to raise funds and awareness for CMN hospitals. With unwavering determination and a spirit of generosity, Bruce embarks on his journeys, captivating audiences and communities along the way. His selfless efforts not only bring joy to motorcycle enthusiasts but also contribute to improving the lives of children in need of medical care. Through Bruce Johnson's Motorcycle for Miracles, he showcases the power of passion and compassion, reminding us all that even the simplest of hobbies can make a profound difference in the lives of others. The Hamre Real Estate Team was proud to meet Bruce at CHEO where he presented his cheque to the hospital and was thanked for his incredible contributions to the cause.

Miracle Treat Day

Miracle Treat Day is an eagerly anticipated annual event organized by the Children's Miracle Network (CMN) and Dairy Queen. This special day is dedicated to indulging in delicious treats while making a positive impact on the lives of children in need. On Miracle Treat Day, participating Dairy Queen locations donate a portion of the proceeds from every Blizzard treat sold to the CMN. It's a time when families, friends, and communities come together to satisfy their sweet cravings and support a worthy cause simultaneously. The event not only brings smiles to the faces of treat enthusiasts but also helps fund vital medical treatments, equipment, and programs for children's hospitals. Miracle Treat Day serves as a powerful reminder that a small act of kindness can go a long way in making a difference in the lives of children and their families. 

Every year on Miracle Treat Day the Hamre real Estate Team and RE/MAX Affiliates purchases Blizzards for any friends or clients that want one. This event goes a long way to supporting the CMN. Every year on August 11th these tasty treats go to a good cause and raise awareness for Children's Hospitals across Canada. 

Team Leo's Cross Canada Fundraiser

Starting in June and continuing until August 13, Leo Bruneau drove across Canada, visiting each province along the way. His goal was to raise funds and awareness for Children's Hospitals throughout the country, with the aim of making a positive impact on the lives of countless children and their families. Leo raised $100,000 for the Children's Miracle Network. RE/MAX Affiliates adn the Hamre real Estate Team were responsible for 10% of the total raised by Leo Bruneau's cross Canada drive. 

CHEO Telethon 2023 

Chelsea Hamre participated in this year's CHEO Telethon on behalf of RE/MAX Affiliates and the Hamre Real Estate Team. This Telethon aired on CTV and raised money for the Children's Miracle Network. The CHEO Telethon on CTV is an annual televised event that serves as a beacon of hope and a testament to the unwavering commitment to children's health. Organized by the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) and broadcasted on CTV, this telethon brings together communities, volunteers, and generous donors to support the vital services provided by CHEO. During the telethon, heartwarming stories of brave children, their families, and the dedicated healthcare professionals who care for them are shared, touching the hearts of viewers across the region. The event showcases the incredible advancements in pediatric care made possible through donations and highlights the ongoing need for financial support to provide specialized medical treatments, equipment, and research initiatives. The CHEO Telethon on CTV embodies the spirit of unity and compassion as people come together to make a lasting impact on the lives of children facing health challenges.

Continuing Support for Children's Miracle Network

The RE/MAX Network continues to support the Children's Miracle Network every single day. Whether it be a bold and inspiring fundraising effort such as Paddle for Miracles or a silent donation. The Hamre Real Estate Team is a Miracle Team. We donate a portion of the proceeds on every single home sold directly to the Children's Miracle Network. We are so lucky to have CHEO in Ottawa and we will be proud to support Children's Miracle Network for years going forward. 

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