The Advantage of the Hamre Real Estate Team RE/MAX Affiliates

It is an exciting time, both for buyers and sellers in the Ottawa real estate market to take advantage of working with a full service winning client-driven real estate team. I'm Chelsea Hamre from the Hamre Real Estate team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa.

I have a very exciting sellers experience to share with you. The market has been hotter the last 12 days than it's been in 2020. My sellers, we discussed in December of our strategy to get their home first thing in the new year and to sell it at top consideration.

My sellers were referral to me from RE/MAX in Sudbury. ✨ The power of Remax is phenomenal. We're not only a Canadian brand, but we're a global brand. The trust and the confidence that our clients have with us, knowing that we're with RE/MAX is phenomenal.

❤️I met my clients in December and we had a strategy to come on first thing in the new year.

Well, this strategy worked, we had mass exposure with our storytelling video, our social media marketing, our professional pictures, professional staging, all this got mass exposure. We had over 33 showing and last night we did our offer presentation. We got 11 offers! This means that there are a more buyers looking for a three-story townhome in the East end of Ottawa.

We got the right amount of people through the home. It was COVID friendly and safe. Everybody was sanitizing. Anyway, all this to say is last night was very exciting.

We got top consideration, it's sold significantly over asking, and that was due to her right strategy and our marketing and us knowing this market and working in it every day.

We were in three other offers yesterday as well. It was a great day for the Hamre Team. We were able to do this with our expertise! Our clients are happy, they're thrilled.

It's great to get them in this market and we can do the same for you buyers. It's a great time to get in this market and take advantage of the appreciation that you get.

Don't be scared of getting into this market now. We have the strategies and the tools to get you ahead. Sellers we have the tools and the mass exposure and the connections to win you and get you top consideration for your home.

☕️If you want more information on the Ottawa Real Estate Market or you have concerns or questions let's chat virtually, it would be my pleasure.

Take Care,

613-868-3551 | [email protected]

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