Great Time to Buy

What if I told you you can get a great deal in the Ottawa housing market right now? ?
?I'm Chelsea Hamre from the Hamre Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa
My clients just purchased this beautiful condo here in the East Village ?
?The East Village is just a putt in a chip away from the golden triangle and the Glebe where you'll find lots of local eateries, little mom & pop shops.
?It's quite the trendy neighborhood to be in. My client is thrilled. She's a first time home buyer relocating from out of town.
?This was another RE/MAX referral - this trust and confidence is fantastic and this network is so powerful.
There is lots of confidence and clarity, for buyers relocating either in different neighbourhoods here in Ottawa or from different cities to here in Ottawa.?
?She is so happy and she moved here for lifestyle and job opportunity!
?Ottawa has so much offer and if I can help you find your home here, please give me a call at (613) 868-3551 or you can visit our website:
?This is My Ottawa

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