Gratitude In Ottawa Real Estate Market

Just one of those mornings, feeling immense amount of gratitude with some great excitement as well! ☀️

I received a phone call about a week ago. ☎️

Gentleman told me that he needs to relocate to find a healthier environment. 🌳

It was recommended by his doctor. 👨‍⚕️

Of course, he thought of the Greater Ottawa regions and he thought of the Hamre real estate team. 🏡

He said this, I need to find something with immense amount of acreage, a main level bedroom, a workshop or a barn. 🌾

And I'll be happy. 😊

This elderly couple has never moved before. 👵🧓

They're finally excited to make that next probably last step to their forever home. 🏠

It's something special. ✨

Something I'm extremely excited to be a part of 'cause we found two properties that are absolute gems, diamond dozen custom builds with land. 💎🏞️

One of them has almost 50 acres. 🌳

The other one has water. 🌊

I just get excited about this because I know how special it's gonna feel waking up in their surroundings, whichever one they choose from. 🌅

If you wanna find a special home for you with the right environment and you wanna be a part of a different home or your first home think of the Hamre real estate team. 🏘️

Reach out to me today. 📲

Let's build you a plan. 🛠️

Let me find you something special. 🌟

Hope to hear from you soon. 🤗

Take care. 🌸

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