Good News For Homebuyers! - Karen MacDonald - RE/MAX Affiliates Realty Ottawa

Home Buyers you have been frustrated for 2 years.

Competing with numerous other buyers

Every home had multiple offers.

Well I have good news, it is getting better.

That's something to be excited about.

Karen MacDonald here from the Hamre Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa

I wanted to talk to home buyers, for you to be aware of and to help you in your home buying journey.

Interest rates, yes they have gone up. Yes, that's frustrating.

When you are a buyer, you obviously have to pay more money to borrow money. You have to give to get.

So 3 months ago most likely you would have had to pay drastically over what you would pay now, to purchase a home.

However there are some homes where we are still seeing this and there will still be some going into the summer. But it has gotten alot better.

It's a lot less competitive because interest rates have gone up. We are now seeing more balance - pre-covid levels - and we are still not even there yet.

Housing levels are not quite at the level before covid. 

But we are getting there and as we get there, there are more choices.

It is easier to be a home buyer and we should be excited about that.

Buying a home is the dream and it will save you a ton of money and make you a ton of money.

After all, if you rent it is a 100% interest rate.

We are here to help you, make your dreams reality.

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