Going The Extra Mile - Greg Hamre

?Sometimes it's just about going the ? EXTRA MILE....
.........the REALTOR's job isn't finished when the SOLD sign goes up.
Making sure that both the Buyer and the Seller have a wonderful moving experience? ......It is so IMPORTANT.
?Today I have a Swiffer in my hand, just cleaning it up from a post move, sweeping after the movers have been in to make sure that behind the fridge and stove is clean.
✨Make sure that everything is clean and ready so that the closing goes smoothly.
❄️Lots of times in the winter, I carry a shovel around, make sure that the ? photoshoot has a clear driveway. It's paying attention to the little details, making sure that the purchaser and seller have a wonderful experience, no matter what party I'm representing. ?
? Just make sure that everybody is happy and everybody feels like they got a ? good deal and they got the ? home of their dreams or sold the home of their dreams and got the ? most money for it.
? Because if the pictures are perfect, you get more ? eyeballs, you get more attention.
?We want more exposure. ? It's mass exposure. And when the ? market's hot, like it is right now. We can't stop paying attention to the ? little details.
?It's paying attention to little details to make sure that those buyers across Canada and across ? the world, see the home the way it should be viewed.
?It's paying attention to little details. What we do at the Hamre Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa. And we're really proud of that.❤️
?If you're thinking of buying or selling or moving to Ottawa or moving out of Ottawa or moving around Ottawa, ? we want to talk to you, please.
☎️ Please reach out to us.
☀️It's June, it's hot. And so is the market, we'd love to hear from you.
?‍♂️My name is Greg Hamre from the Hamre Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa. ? Thanks for watching my video!
Take care. ❤️

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