For The First Time in 40 years Mortgage Costs Are Less Than Rate of Inflation - Steve Hamre

?The HEADLINE that people ?MISSED.....
➡️Last week we saw the headlines of a 3.7 percent inflation rate.
?This rate likely caught the attention of many Canadians who had not seen an increase this high since 1987.
Although this news has caused concerns, there is some good news! ⬇️
?For the first time in 40 years, the cost of a mortgage is less than the rate of inflation.
Attention is being paid to the rising cost of used vehicles, and food to name a few. ?
?However, real estate continues to be an area with a lot of potential to improve your life. ⭐️
?Buyers can get a variable-rate mortgage for 1.15 percent this is about a third of current inflation rates.
?The cost of a mortgage is inexpensive.
The thing that people need to realize is that the property is an asset that will appreciate with the rate of inflation.?
??That means that while the actual property value increases your mortgage rate will be lower than inflation.
?If you want to capitalize on this...
....Contact the professional, winning Hamre Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa! ?
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