Five Star Review Ottawa Real Estate Agent

🌟 Being in the business for many years.

🚗 We work a lot on referrals and we go to conferences and I met this particular agent who was a car buff and I like cars.

🔗 We had a connection and he just recently sent me a referral and it was his stepson.

🏠 He was looking for a place in Ottawa, first-time home buyer.

🎉 We happen to find him a really cool place on York Street.

🙏 I'm very grateful for meeting him.

👤 His name is Fred and we have a great relationship.

🏡 He was a first-time home buyer.

😊 We made the process very smooth.

🔍 I had the home inspection, lined him up with a great mortgage broker.

💰 The mortgage broker gave him an awesome rate, better than the rate he was originally getting.

🏠 Had a home inspection and on the home inspection, it was the 100th inspection.

🎁 Every 100 inspections this inspector does, he did it for free.

🎉 So it was a bonus day for my client.

🏢 He got the condo that he wanted.

🏡 This was a one-bedroom with a basement.

🏢 There's a few units on York Street.

🔑 They have accessibility to the big tower.

🏢 But these ones were in the front, they have their own door to the unit as well as all the amenities like the gym, the barbecue area, the terrace.

👍 Cool find right downtown Ottawa and we're really excited.

😊 I appreciate the review, Fred.

🎉 Everything went well and we're excited for you to move in.

👋 This is Steve Hamre from the Hamre Real Estate Team.

📣 Share your experiences with your buyers and you know, share your wins.

🙏 I'm super grateful for Fred.

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