Fall Activities in Ottawa

Don't you just love the vibe of the Fall?
The leaves are changing. It's beautiful outside. And the fresh air just smells fantastic.
Although this Fall's activities may seem a little different. There are still many COVID friendly activities to do with friends and family, keeping a social distance.
The first being Apple picking. There are many Ottawa fruit farms and orchards such as the Orleans fruit farm.
It's a great activity to do any fun way to spend a sunny afternoon.
Who doesn't like to take in some fresh air while going for a nice walk? Enjoy the sunshine going a walk around the Rideau canal.
There's also the river and a few bogs across the city, such as the Mer Bleue Bog in Orleans, where you can go for a nice nature hike.
Hear the birds chirping and enjoy the scenery of the fall season.
For those of you who would prefer to stay inside the Fall is such a nice, cozy time to snuggle up on the couch with a pumpkin spice latte or whatever you may fancy.
What's also great about staying inside this time of year. There are so many scary or fall time movies, especially on the hallmark channel before the Christmas season comes in.
Let's not forget pumpkin carving, although this might seem like more Halloween theme activity. But it's a great activity to do this fall.
Either virtually with your friends or family, you can do a mini contest to see who has the best carving skills.
Stay safe, stay healthy, and we look forward to seeing you soon.
Take care, and like us on Facebook for more. 

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