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🚚 Life causes people to move.
📌And in this situation, it was the parents had passed and I had to deal with the family to get this 🏠 house ready.
So it was an estate sale.
❤️We got together and met with the family and put a plan together and a 🔒 strategy that would get mass exposure and sell this in a reasonable amount of time.
Understanding that with an estate sale, you have to get the 📃 will probated.
🖊We're working on that right away.
👕👖We've got the clothes and we put in the right closet.
💡So everybody is protected, the buyer and seller protected, make sure the title was clear on that house when we sell it, but it happened and in a really reasonable amount of time, we ended up with four offers, two on Saturday that we walked away from and then two on Sunday.
And that happened to be 💝 Mother's Day, which was a great thrill.
😀The mom was the last one to pass and she would have just been delighted.
The mom and dad actually were REALTORS® 
So they were looking down from ☁️ heaven and thinking, wow, the Hamre Team really came through for us.
We knew they were the ones to call.☎️
🏆We've dealt with his family many times the past clients and that goes a long way with us.
We really appreciated being involved and we were so thrilled for the outcome.🤩
🙋‍♂️My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and the Hamre Real Estate Team.
🛎We do a lot of estate sales, whether it's a power of attorney and executor of the estate or just dealing with the probate, we can, we can manage that for you.
😊Hope to see you soon.
📞If you have any questions, please reach out to us directly, take care.

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