Eagles Nest Calabogie, Fall Hike

Autumn is here in Ottawa. The mesmerizing crimson colours of the Fall leaves have begun to show up in Ottawa and it is time to take full advantage by getting out into nature and experiencing the season. Ottawa is a prime location for trails and hikes that showcase the beauty of Fall. This article will give you insight on one of the most popular and best trails in the Ottawa area. This trail will leave you stunned and forgetting that you are in Ontario. Read on before you plan your next hiking trip. 

Eagles Nest Calabogie Ontario

Eagle's Nest - Calabogie 

Where eagles soar and fall colours roar, this trail is a showstopper. With several unique trails this is one of the best-known hiking locations for people from Ottawa. A relatively quick drive away this trail offers many paths for hikers to choose from. Personally, I would say this is the best and most convenient hiking trail in Ontario for people from Ottawa. There is a large parking lot that almost always has a spot available unless you go at an unusually busy time. You do have to pay for parking but it is relatively affordable, especially for hikers who have seen the prices of hiking in National or Provincial Parks elsewhere. This hike gives you the best scenic view of just about any that I have seen. You can see the rolling hills for miles and in Fall that means rolling hills of orange, red, and yellow leaves across the mountain range. 

Walking Trails Galore

There are so many walking trails at Eagle's Nest it can almost feel confusing. Follow the crowds and you should be fine. Most people are heading straight for the summit. This trail is up the hill from the parking lot and has by far the widest path. The path will lead you to the Eagles Nest lookout point which is quite breathtaking. There are a few offshots along the way. One worth checking out is an area where people have built small stone statues and inukshuks over the course of the year. Add your own or grab a few photos of this peaceful surround. A small mountain lake is also along the path to this lookout point. This area is quite peaceful. Although some may try to I would not recommend swimming in these waters as they are quite full of lilypads and weeds. the view however is very peaceful and you may spot some wildlife along the water's edge. As you continue to walk along the trail up the hill the incline will become more and more steep. As you approach the lookout there will be signs to point you in the right direction. The trail itself is fairly easy to navigate as long as the weather has been dry lately. Bring boots if it has rained in the past few days or the day you plan on going. The final steps up to the summit can be fairly steep. 

Eagle's Nest Lookout

The lookout itself is worth the drive, worth the climb, worth the walk, worth paying for parking, all of the above. This view is reminiscent of something you might see on the West Coast. It is phenomenal. Be cautious approaching the edge as it is a precipitous drop. You can walk along the edge of the cliff. Many great photo opportunities will be there. You will see birds flying below you and many unique rock formations along the ledge. This view is truly something to marvel at and is one of the best lookout points near Ottawa. 

Perfect For Climbers*

  Eagle's Nest has several trails that will be exciting for climbers. One trail at the base of the mountain is much longer and loops through various areas where boulders stand. These areas are perfect for bouldering. The walls here are about 10-15 feet tall and range from a V2 to about a V10 offering challenging walls for most skill levels. There are also trails along the cliffside of the mountain. These allow for climbers to go right up the walls of the mountain by top roping. You can even top out at the summit. There are anchors installed but always be weary of trusting those as it can be hard to tell how sturdy they may be. Nevertheless, they do identify a path for the climb. Some of the bouldering areas have great space to lay a mat and work your way up but other walls do have a trickier landing area so definitely bring a spotter if you plan on doing this. 

 *This section of the blog is strictly for rock-climbing enthusiasts, yes watching "Free Solo" once counts.

Directions to Eagles Nest 

What’s The Best Time To Go To Eagles Nest Lookout?

The earlier the better in order to beat the crowds and have the trail to yourself. If you are able to, going on a weekday will give you the most peaceful and serene experience. Plan your trip soon and maybe we'll see you out on the trail! 

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