Does Your Buying Strategy Include Video?

Does your Buying Strategy include ? VIDEO?
? You need to stand apart from the other BUYERS......
? We just SOLD 4 homes in the past 48 hrs using a proven strategy what produces winning results for our clients.
?Some of them over listing price, and one of them I was participating in last night, we sold for over 1,000,001, and guess what?
Our strategy included ? VIDEO!
?They had six offers and coached my buyers through it and I coached them on. On how to win!
?What strategy we needed to put in place and how to secure that listing for them.
?They said, Greg, you cannot lose this listing. Lots of pressure. I can deal with that. He said, "Greg, we want to, so we've been looking for this home forever"
?"In the last year. We haven't seen anything that came up that met our search criteria. This is the home of our dreams. So Greg don't lose this one."
?Normally people just associate the price.
?Well, we put a strategy in place and we went through it.
?We went, we had a little bit of time, probably 12 hours and I coached them through on the strategy and the month and the mentality of our listing and what it meant, what the buyers would think when they received our offer.
That offer included a video.?
?Again, we're up against six other buyers, six other people, five people who didn't receive the home of their dreams.
? Last night, the video was sent to the listing agent and the agent replied right away saying, wow, Greg, I've never seen a video from, buyers before.
And it sounds simple, right?
? You just send a video? NO
?I coached my buyers on the video. They sent me the initial video that they'd tried and done three or four times. And I said, no, you have to do this. You have to do that.
Here's what the buyer is looking for. Or the seller is looking for, it's an emote.
It gets emotional. ❤️
?I coached them through the video. We sent the video, the listing agent was shocked.
I said, wow, I can't believe it. I've never seen that before. ?
?And then when the listing presentation happened, we stood out. You have to stand out. Buyers have to stand out today.
The high end luxury market is ?super hot in Ottawa.
?‍♂️And we stood out with our video and the video told the story.
☎️The listing agent called me up to say, "Greg, you won the offer. You were the one pick one out of six offers. Your buyers have secured the house."
?She said, Greg, the video put the price aside. The video, put the price aside, leading me to believe that we weren't the highest bid, but we were emotionally the best-prepared offer.
❤️And we tugged at the seller's heartstrings and there were tears of joy from my buyers last night.
?Tears of joy.
?And there were so excited. They said, "Greg, we've always dreamed of this. That never comes up. This is the one we want. It's the street we want. It's the community. What the neighborhood, our friends and family are all there."
"You cannot lose this listing, Greg" and we didn't lose it. ✅
?We had a strategy. We sell houses every day. And we negotiate every day, at least. And we sell a house an average of at every day and a half, over 365 days a year, my team, The Hamre Real Estate Team.
So we're in the business. We understand how to buy and sell like professionals.?
?These people sought us out. They did all their homework. They were very savvy.
My buyers found us on the web. ?
They read all our ⭐ reviews and said, Greg, we need to deal with a pro. And we want to deal with my whole team gets that kind of compliments.
?When you need them, they get the job done. You want to deal with someone who's a professional.
You want to deal with someone who gets it. ?Who's selling houses every and negotiating houses every day.
You want someone to win for you? ?
We do that at the Hamre Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and we can do it for you.
?If you were thinking of buying or selling an Ottawa deal with the pros, deal with someone who knows.
?And we know Ottawa, that's our website.
?‍♂️My name is Greg Hamre from the Hamre Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa.
Hope to see you soon! Take care! ❤️

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