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Who are you kidding?
 Buyers deserve respect.
 And as a seller, ➡️would you rather get your home SOLD for way over the asking price, but still under market value or list accurately, exceed your expectations and get you what you deserve. 
I'm Chelsea Hamre from the Hamre Real Estate Team RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa.
We just experienced this with one of our most recent sales in Half Moon Bay.
Our seller wanted a certain price. 
We exceeded her expectations and we listed it accurately. 
Not only did this respect her as a seller, but also at respected buyers in the sense that buyers that were walking through this home were qualified buyers.
They knew what the expectation was and we didn't misguide anyone. 
It was also a really neat story because not only did we win for everyone, but these clients purchased virtually, they purchased this home through our storytelling video and only saw what we had to say online, which was incredible, always is when we get to give that experience.
We're getting mass exposure on our listings. We are giving our clients what they deserve.
 We exceed their expectations and we have the strategies, the tools, and a few tricks up our sleeves to win for both buyers and sellers. 
Now, if you're looking to win in the Ottawa real estate market this year, I want to chat.
I'm Chelsea Hamre from the Hamre Real Estate Team RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa. 
➡️Once again, you can visit us on our website. www.WeKnowOttawa.com
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