Did your house feel like home at the front door?

🏠❤️Sometimes there's a house that when you walk in the front door really grabs you and you know....

..... right away that that house feels like home.🤩

🚗That's the house I just pulled up behind me here, put the sold sign on tonight.

I've actually sold that house four different times and everybody, this house has a feel to it.😀

😍Everybody loves it and, and even the previous owners reached out to me saying Greg, 📸 we love your pictures, we love your videos.

👀Still love that house and these sellers still love that house.

🚚 But life sometimes causes people to move.

✈️And Ottawa is a very, very transient city.

It's a destination city for a lot of people, but a lot of people come here for government jobs and come and go and we love to see them when they come back.🛫

🤩That's always exciting.

This house though had something special to it.🌟

💰We were thrilled for the sellers tonight.

🔑Put up the sold sign, they're moving on to their next journey, next adventure.

🛎But they had 10 wonderful years in that home and it really felt like home.

We've sold it four times.💎

🔎And I still remember the first time I saw it, the gentleman was cooking a French dish with beef and a sauce and he had a glass of red wine going and he and his girlfriend were really enjoying the view of it from it.👀

⭐And I never forgot that feeling and that house has that feeling, that wonderful feeling when you first walk in.

✨My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and the Hamre Real Estate Team.

😀We can help you find that house that makes gives you that feeling that when you walk 🚪 through the door, this feels like home.

💎If we can do that for you, please reach out to us hope to see you soon.

❤️Take care.

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