Deal Makers VS Deal Breakers

As a home buyer, you have deal makers and deal breakers.

Your deal breakers are things that you can't live without or that would make or break the deal.

Essentially, it's the same thing with your deal makers.

It has to have an ensuite, has to have three bedrooms.

A deal breaker could be an off smell, the location, the size of the yard.

These are things to take into consideration, and these are things that can change while you start house hunting.

This often changes with first-time homebuyers where you might think that you want one thing, but as soon as we start shopping, you realize that that wish list or want list might change.

I always recommend that when there are more than two people buying, each person should have a say in what those deal makers or breakers might be.

If we can help you make a wonderful home-buying decision in the Ottawa real estate market, it would be my pleasure.

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