Crush It With Greg Hamre

Everybody I talk to says, "Hey, Hamre Team is really crushing it in real estate." And the truth is, our buyers and sellers are crushing it.
They are the heroes!
I wanted to sport the new hat from my good friend, Anthony from Rhode Island who sent me this. He's one of our secret trainers and keeps our whole team learning and on edge is for all the latest technology and systems.
 So hats off to Anthony!
We're in a crazy market and we're guiding our buyers and sellers through a journey that's untouched before.
It's a market that is absolutely wild and we're quite enjoying it. So are our buyers and sellers!
We've put together strategies and a game plan for purchasers and for sellers, it really puts them at ease and allows them to take a deep breath.
They're not putting in blind bids. 
We have a strategy for every offer we put in. And sometimes we pulled them back and said, listen, we think there's a better house for you, or that price point doesn't make sense.
And I think that takes real leadership. And that's what people are looking for!
A professional to guide them, they're not looking for someone that takes real estate as a hobby, and are just trying to push another deal through.
❤️We really care and caring is, is what you need right now. You need someone who has your best interests at heart.
We negotiate almost every night and right now we're negotiating nightly multiple times. It allows us to have a real pulse of the industry. What's going on. And in Ottawa houses are selling for above all the asking prices.
More listings are coming on every day. The Spring is only a few days away.
That's a good sign. And that means more inventory is on the way and more sellers will have product to choose from.
I just want to take this moment and I'm right down at the Corktown bridge, down along the canal, it's a bridge that pays tribute to the Irish.
Tomorrow being saying St. Patrick's day, I thought this was the place to be. My hat is off to the Irish in Ottawa that built Centertown and you could see their influence on our architecture. Especially that the Boston brownstones, which were touched in our community here by the Irish.
So a big cheers to the Irish and cheers to the Corktown bridge.
If you're thinking of buying and selling and you want somebody that knows how to put a plan together and how to make this work for you, please reach out to us.
My name is Greg Hamre from the Hamre Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa.
We're crushing it and real estate! All the best.❤️

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