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If you're thinking of selling your home, I can guarantee you the highest selling price of your home in your neighbourhood in history!?
?My name is Greg Hamre from The Hamre Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa.
And I've got a story for you tonight.?
? We just sold this beautiful four-bedroom home in Convent Glen North. Convent Glen North is on the East end of the city of Ottawa.
It's a community along the river. We're on an inside street on the inside of the Voyageur loop, this neighborhood has never seen a house listed in the ? $800,000 price point. And we just did it.
We just listed this house at $800,000. We had 35 showings in just a few days.
?? We had thousands of people view our website.
We had hundreds and hundreds of people view our ? storytelling video. We had phone calls. We had a number of our own clients go through this property.
? It's a rare find. It's a great integrated community. We had did our offer presentations tonight. We had six offers on this home. 90% of those offers were cash offers.
All offers were above asking price!?
?We sold for substantially over the asking price of $800,000 in a historic price point category, the sellers were thrilled.
They couldn't believe the number, the purchasers were in tears, absolute tears.? And so was their agent.
?Our outreach to the public and, and to potential buyers was at one of the highest levels possible.
And we brought people in, agents in from all across Ontario ?, including agents that came in from Toronto, there was a lot of traffic.
We had, we worked safely under COVID conditions to make sure that there were no multiple showings at the same time, we spaced out our showings. We had to hold back offers to do that.
?Everybody that went through had masks on, they were instructed not to touch anything. They were instructed to sanitize before going in the home.
We took all the precautions possible. The sellers made the house accessible. We didn't have any cross-contamination or cross interference and it sold in just a few days for a price that we haven't seen here.?
If you're thinking of selling, I can guarantee you the highest selling price in your neighborhood at this time. ?
✨If you're not in your forever home, let's talk, let's get you in your forever home.
Working from home is more common than ever.?
?And even kids doing their schooling at home, you want to make sure you're in a comfortable setting.
We realize that this is tough times for a lot of people in a lot of businesses in the shutdown, we're classified as an essential service. And we don't take that for granted.
??We are shopping local, try to deal with the small stores, curbside pickup and our local restaurants.
? If you need any advice or communication on buying or selling a home, please reach out to me. We have more listings coming on this week, next week and the week after.
We have our stagers lined up and we have our photographers and videographers lined up, we have the listings coming.?
If you're looking for a home. Please reach out to us. We want to talk to you now. ?
If you're thinking of selling, there may not be a better time in history than there is right now.
?Again, my name is Greg Hamre from The Hamre Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa.
⭐It's a great night here in Covent Glen North on the inside of the Voyageur loop on a street called Raftsman.
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