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It's that first sip of a pumpkin spice latte...
...That feeling of putting on a cozy sweater on a cool day, wrapping yourself up in a blanket and putting on a new show or movie.
This is what fall is all about. And in Ottawa, we get to experience fall as.
The season changes into that cooler weather. The leaves behind me will start to change soon, and then we'll start to experience winter, but I'll get into that.
I'm Chelsea Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates here in Ottawa and the fall is a great space and time to make these memories.
We have Thanksgiving coming up in October, and then we're gonna experience walking into that family gathering with the Turkey, smelling great, the pumpkin or apple pie and creating those laughters and memories that we're able to share and experience.
However, before, you know, it, winter is gonna be here.
And then we're gonna be talking about the hassle of shoveling, taking, warming up your car and all the other stuff there are beauties to winter, but maybe more that less enjoyable stuff, which is where condo living.
It's a great secret.
We have two fantastic ones downtown for sale right now, including this one right here on Bruyere Street.
What's amazing about condo living is that you don't need to take on those extra responsibilities of shoveling your driveway. Warming up your car.
And I hate to say it right now, cause it's such a beautiful day, but it's gonna happen soon.
So if you wanna take advantage of living a more low maintenance life, both condos that we have listed downtown right now are low maintenance.
They have underground parking storage locker, both have two bedrooms and both are different price points and in locations within downtown Ottawa core.
So if we can be of any assistance to help change your lifestyle, to live a more.
Low maintenance type winter. I'm your gal.
 It would be my pleasure to help you visit our website. We know to learn more about these listings or to look at more of our listings that we have coming soon.🖥
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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