Client Bought 2 Condos in 2 Months!

?How did my client buy two condos and two months here in downtown Ottawa...
I'm Chelsea Hamre from the Hamre Team at RE/MAX Affiliates?
?I'm so excited to tell you this story about my successful client - I'm so proud of her!
1. She had a great agent ?‍♀️
2. She had a great strategy - that we were able to implement both financially and through location♟
?The first property was a beautiful condo in old Ottawa East in Greystone village.
Fantastic location will be a great return on investment for her. ?
?You're just putting a chip away from the Glebe, which is where I am right now.
?Her second property is a beautiful newer condo in Centretown. Both of these, we got a fantastic deal.
If you're looking to get a real deal, you want to consider the downtown core of Ottawa there's fantastic options, great inventory. The lifestyle is just fantastic. ?
☕️I'm here downtown - just finished a couple of showings in Lansdowne. I'm just going to the Little Victories cafe to celebrate some victories ( you should see the lineup over there)
?If we can help you live your dream lifestyle, let us know you can visit our website. We Know Ottawa dot com or contact me directly at 613-868-3551.
Inspiring dreams is what we do✨
Take care and have a beautiful Sunday. Thanks for watching.☺️

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