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👋Hey Ottawa, this is Jacob Charron from the Hamre Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Affiliates.

🗓It's Friday which means the weekends right around the corner every Friday, we highlight a new neighborhood in the city of Ottawa.

However, today we're featuring Clarence-Rockland, a city of its own as of 1998.👀

⭐Welcome to the bilingual municipality of approximately 25,000 residents on the banks of the Ottawa River.

🌲It shares its border with the city of Ottawa to the west, the township of Alfred Plantagenet to the east and the national municipality to the ☀️South Clarence Rockland is known for its friendly community, excellent quality of life and numerous amenities and attractions, whether you're young professional, a grown family or retiree Rockland has something to offer to everyone.😀

🤩Clarence-Rockland is surrounded by natural beauty including auto river hiking trails, scenic walks, forest, offering plenty of opportunities for fishing, camping in my personal favorite, the Rockland⛳ golf club.

Clarence-Rockland is home to a variety of restaurants, friendly cafe, health care facilities and schools.✏️

So everything you need is within the city.🚗

💎Clarence-Rockland is also known for its affordability with the cost of living lower than many suburbs within the city of Ottawa.

💸The combination of lower housing costs and excellent quality of life makes Rockland an attractive place to live.

😎Clarence-Rockland is a thriving community with something for everyone.🎯

😀Whether you're looking for outdoor activities, affordable housing a day on the Ottawa River, and some ⛳golf for a friendly community.

🤠Rockland has it all.

This is Jacobs Charron with the Hamre Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Affiliates.

🤩Inspiring dreams is What we do. Let's make your dream come true.


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