Christmas Decorations While My Home Is For Sale

Are you looking to sprinkle a little festive cheer in your home while you're on the market this holiday season? 🎄

Well, you're in luck because today we're decking the halls with boughs of Holly and tips on how to keep it merry, bright, and sale-ready. 🛍️

Hello, home sellers and holiday enthusiasts! 🏡 I'm Steve Hamre from the Hamre Real Estate Team, your guide to the most wonderful time of the year. 🎅

Even when you're selling your home, Christmas doesn't have to take a backseat just because there's a 'for sale' sign on your front lawn. 🏠

So let's get started! First things first... 🎁

Let's talk balance. You want the catch-up buyers to see the holiday spirit but also envision their own holidays here. So moderation is key! 🎇 Lighting can make or break the ambiance. Opt for warm white lights - they're like cozy hugs for your home! Drape them on the mantle or frame a window subtly, and remember: less is more! A small, tastefully decorated tree can charm buyers without overwhelming the space. 🌟

Stick with a color scheme that complements the home's decor. Think of it as a piece of seasonal staging! 🖼️

Next, consider the senses. A light scent of cinnamon or pine can be delightful, but not too spicy or artificial fragrances - that can be a no-no. And that Christmas playlist? Keep it low, inviting, and humming. 🎶

Now for the personal touches. Family photos on the mantle might make for a merry family Christmas, but buyers need to picture themselves in your home. Swap those personal moments for more generic yet festive decor. Presents under the tree might look picturesque, but they can also add clutter. Instead, try a couple of artfully wrapped empty boxes for a clean and inviting look. 🎁

😀Curb appeal matters! A simple wreath on the door can be just the touch to say 'happy holidays' and 'welcome home' all at once.

But keep the inflatable snowman in the storage room this year. ❄️

Last but not least, please contact the Hamre Real Estate team. We know your market and what sells. We may even have a few holiday staging tricks up our sleeves! 🎩

With these tips, your home will shine bright like a Christmas star! 🌟 Maybe even bright enough to attract the perfect buyer. 🏠

Thanks for tuning in and may your home selling be merry and bright. 🎄

👀Don't forget to like, subscribe, and ring that bell to get notified when we post more home-selling tips. Happy holidays and happy home selling! 🎉

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