Can A.I. tell me what my house is worth? - Ottawa Real Estate

Are you thinking about selling your home? And if you are, are you Googling, "What is my home worth?"  Are you on those high-tech platforms, asking, "What is my home worth?"  I know you are.  So these said platforms will give you an estimate of what your home is worth based on the comparables in the area. So, a predictive value of your home.  Now, here's where the problem arises. So AI can't go into your home and physically see your home, right? What if you just put in a $60,000 kitchen?  Yeah, AI can't see this. Or what if your home reeks of cigarette smoke? Again, not physically present to be able to put a value on that.  And there is a value to that.  Would you not agree? The unpredictability of these factors is exactly why you need to have a realtor be physically present to give you an accurate assessment of what your home is worth.  I always encourage my clients. Let me come over, let me see the home because there are unpredictable factors that I can't see over the phone or I can't smell over the phone. So if you're looking to list your home, give us a shout. We'll be happy to come in and give you an accurate assessment. 

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