Buying and Selling a Home Doesn't Happen Overnight

🌙Buying and selling a home doesn't happen overnight🌙

I'm Chelsea Hamre from the Hamre Team at RE/MAX Affiliates here in Ottawa.🍁

✒️And you need a strategy, proven strategy that works time and time again, especially when you're in a 🔒 buy/sell situation.

Like my clients were here on St Germain📍

🏡So my client actually purchased this property two years ago.

⚓They were thinking of staying here a bit longer, but there was this street that they absolutely love.🏠❤️

🚗She grew up on that street, her parents live on that street, her sister and brother-in-law live on that street, which I helped them move there a couple of years ago.

They absolutely wanted to be on the street.🚙

🏡So the property came up, we went to see it right away.

⏰Time was of the essence we jumped on and then within a matter of making sure that we were able to put everything together, to line everything up together and have these discussions to make sure that they were prepared to when their offer was accepted, that we had the 📶 right steps in place to put their house on the market, which we did and we sold it in an efficient time and for 💎 top dollar.

🔎So if you're looking to buy and sell together, we have proven strategies, the knowledge in the market and the really the know how to get it done in a seamless peace of mind effort for you.

👀So reach out to us directly, visit our website,

I'm so happy for my clients.😀

I would love the opportunity to help inspire your dreams as well.😍

❤️Take care and we'll talk to you soon.

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